AUDITION HOUSE: Los Angeles Self-Tape Services

we shoot actors so they don't shoot themselves

Audition House is a charming boutique studio for actors and artists alike. Known for our quality and taste, we specialize in self-tape services, editing and on-camera scene study.

AUDITION HOUSE is a charming boutique studio in WeHo offering actors a safe haven to create a memorable Self-Tape. We want you to land your dream role so show up camera ready and we'll do the rest.

Our studio is different than any other Self-Tape studio in Los Angeles.  Its owned and operated by well trained working actors who are in the grind.  Our quality is unmatched. No other place will custom light & sound your performance, color correct your skin and more than likely be your friend. We pride ourselves on offering a high-end relaxed environment where all you have to focus on is your performance.

Why Choose A Professional Self-Tape?

First impressions are everything. Don't let your unique performance get lost in a home video with bad lighting and sound. Stand out from the crowd with a professional grade submission.

Improve Your Performance With an Self-Tape

Watch yourself on our big screen as you perform. There's no waiting for playback. At Audition House you have the opportunity to instantly tweak your performance. Seeing what works and what doesn't is a huge advantage before your next audition.

Create Your Own Opportunities With An Self-Tape

Not getting the opportunities you'd like? Take your career into your own hands and film a new audition tape Hand select a scene or monologue that showcases your talent and show potential agents what your work. An updated audition tape is a fantastic way to show your management how you are progressing as well as a great addition to a well rounded demo reel. 

Didn't Get Called In for the Audition?

Casting Directors are busy and getting in the room is harder than ever. Be proactive and create your own  audition tape! We make it easy for you and you can email it direct.

Auditioning for an Out-Of-State or International Role?

Whether your audition is in New York, London or Sydney we have you covered. Don't let distance rule you out. Make an appointment in our West Hollywood studio and we'll have you in front of the casting director in Toronto fast.